Sportvictoria Christmas Classic on O'ahu


Arizona Memorial - December 15, 2010

29 second video showing a panoramic view inside the NEW Arizona Memorial   F22 flying      Close up of same F22
Panoramic view - left side   Panoramic view - centre and right side   View from between the ticket booth and gift shop looking to the theatre
View of the USS Arizona Memorial from the shore   USS Arizona anchor   Plaque #1 for the anchor   Plaque #2 for the anchor
New Entrance/Gift Shop/Ticket booth   Theatre   Snack Bar   Museums   USS Missouri in shadow of cloud     Missouri coming out of the shadow

Chinese Memorial Garden in Manoa Valley

View towards Honolulu   Panoramic
Honolulu close-up   Honolulu close-up

Hawaiian Flowers

1    2    3    4    5    6    7

Hawaiian Birds

1   2   3   4

Hanauma Bay

11 second video of Hanauma Bay
Panoramic pictures:
From the beach
From the park entrance at the top of the ridge

Hawai'i Kai

11 video of a view of Hawai'i Kai
from east side of Diamond Head

Pali Lookout

Panoramic picture from the Pali Lookout - looking down at Kaneohe
View of Bellows Marine Base
10 second video from Pali Lookout 

Polynesian Cultural Center

Polynesian Cultural Center entrance

Fountain at night

Moon over the water   Moon on the water

Wind turbines on North O'ahu   Wind-farm
17 second Wind-farm video

Waves at the North Shore   Surfer at the North Shore

Floats at the PCC:
Float 1  1
Float 2  1  2
Float 3  1  2  3
Float 4  1
Float 5  1  2
Float 6  1  2  3  4  5
Float 7  1  2
Float 8  1  2  3   4  5

Valley of the Temples

Entrance Sign

Byodo-In Temple 1   Byodo-In Temple 2   Byodo-In Temple 3

Gardens of America   Shrine with flags   Plaque on shrine

Haka Garden   Still of Haka Garden   Video of Haka Garden

Dillingham: Memorial Garden   Dillingham temple

Roman Catholic: Garden Of The Holy Cross
Panoramic showing Roman Catholic: Garden Of The Holy Cross
Video of same panoramic shot of Garden Of The Holy Cross
Cross 1    Cross 2    Cross 3    Cross 4 - Garden of Hope
Blessed Mother in Garden of the Holy Cross
Statue of Mary

Front of chapel 1    Front 2    Front 3
Back and entrance of chapel

Another chapel

Various temple    Various temple    Various temple   Various temples
Various shrine    Various shrine


Seaquam Senior Boys'
December 11 - 19, 2010

December 12th at the Blow Hole:
Group pic 1 with Molokai on horizon (left)
Group pic 2 with Sandy Beach in background

Arizona Memorial:
Group picture at the Arizona
Team picture at the Arizona

Cedar Senior Boys'
December 13 - 24, 2010

Hanalani game:
Team pic

Mount Douglas Senior Girls'
December 26, 2010 - January 5, 2011




Seaquam Senior Boys'

December 13th -  Hanalani (O'ahu, HI) Game:
Seaquam wins 43-40
Pre-game talk 1
Pre-game talk 2
Pre-game talk 3

End of 1
End of 2
End of 3
End of 4 - final score

Hanalani game pics:
Half-time talk
The imported fans
Jump ball
Anthony Speranza     Mike O'Toole
Ethan Sadowski     Nelson Jia
Kris Raconelli     Grupreet Rai
Jesse Pottinger     Kevin Tait
Thomas Bradshaw
Ethan     Nelson and Mike     Anthony

Cedar Senior Boys'

December 15 - St. Francis Game:
Cedar loses 66-59
Coach Hart
Jump ball
Team Defense
A time-out

End of 1
End of 2
End of 3
Down 57-39 with just over 5 minutes to go...
Final score: 66-59...


Mount Douglas Senior Girls'

December 28 - Le Jardin Game:
Mount Douglas wins 42-16

End of 1st  End of 2nd  End of 3rd  End of 4th

Coach Rae  1  2

Coach Chris  1

Coach Rick
  1  2

Pictures of team members have been
removed at Coach Rick's request.

December 16th -  Honoka'a (O'ahu, HI) Game:
Seaquam wins 47-39

 Team Defense
Time-out chat
End of 1st
End of 2nd
End of 3rd
Team Picture after Honoka'a win

Kalaheo Mustangs - the hosts
December 19 - Hawaiian Mission Academy Game:
Cedar loses 56-55

Coach Hart and Maddy
Coach Hart and Maddy
Coach Hart and Ethan
Ethan and Maddy

Jump Ball
Fighting for a board
The bench
Supporting your teammates
A time-out
Playing defense

End of 1
End of 2
End of 3

December 17th -  Melbourne Grammar (AUS) Game:
Seaquam loses 47-38

Coach Duncan Anderson
Coach Brian Dore
Setting up on defense
Mike O'Toole steals the ball
Kevin Tait
Anthony Speranza
Ethan Sadowski
End of 1st
End of 2nd
End of 3rd

December 20 - Hanalani Game:
Cedar loses 43-37

Kim taking pictures
Rick and Ethan
Rick and Maddy
Ethan setting up the shot
Ethan shooting
Time-out picture
Water cooler

Jim at the foul-line

Dexter on defense


December 18th - Hawaiian Preparatory Academy (Hawai'i, HI)  Game:
Consolation Final
Score: 31-29 for HPA
Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Stage
Roof over the entrance

Coach Anderson
Coach Dore
Cheryl Hannah
Team at dinner 1
Team at dinner 2
Team at dinner 3
Team at dinner 4